Code of Conduct & Grievance


Every group, business and organisation depends on good relationships.
Like all U3As, ours is built around interactions between people. All of us have roles here: as students/participants, course tutors/leaders, administrative coordinators and helpers and committee members.

Code of Conduct
As a self-funded, member-based organisation, Tamar Valley U3A expects that all members, course tutors and other volunteers will behave in a courteous and civilised manner in all dealings relevant to Tamar Valley U3A. As a member of Tamar Valley U3A, you therefore agree to abide by this Code of Conduct by:-

· Participating in activities in a friendly and positive way at all times.
· Being honest and ethical in all dealings with Tamar Valley U3A, members and related organisations.
· Showing respect, courtesy and consideration to everyone you deal with in Tamar Valley U3A, related organisations and the general public in relation to U3A activities.
· Being punctual and reliable in attending U3A classes/events/office rosters or other commitments; and forewarning of unavoidable absences, withdrawals from classes and events
· Observing strict confidentiality regarding organisational and members’ personal information; never disclosing contact details of members or course tutors/leaders to anyone without their permission.
· Avoiding all forms of discriminatory behaviour in regard to nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, age and mental or physical disability.
· Not engaging in behaviour that is inappropriate, disruptive or intimidating, such as would breach the rights of other persons to participate in a class/event or to carry out their designated role.
· Preserving the wellbeing and safety of members and the organisation by:
– Participating safely in each class or activity, and abiding by any reasonable directive or prerequisite specified by the course tutor/leader or event organiser for that participation.
– Refraining from activities or comments that promote a personal cause or that would place others in a vulnerable situation either financially, physically or psychologically.
– Not causing any wilful damage to premises, materials, facilities, equipment, or those of other venues the organisation uses.
· Promoting Tamar Valley U3A in a positive way, refraining from harming the organisation’s reputation or relationships by inappropriate comment or action.
· Abiding by this and all other Tamar Valley U3A policies and procedures.
· Following the Tamar Valley U3A Grievance Policy & Procedure (see next) if dissatisfied, and abiding by decisions thus made.

Grievance Issues
Issues that may arise may involve:

· Room bookings, room and equipment usage.
· Issues between a course tutor/leader and class member
· Office volunteer and operational matters
· Course enrolments and event bookings
· Matters related to organisation of and participation in events
· Any other dissatisfaction a member may have about their dealings with Tamar Valley U3A

Grievance Policy and Procedure

· This Grievance Procedure aims to achieve conciliation and the resolution of complaints quickly with fairness, care and understanding. Confidentiality of all parties will be preserved.
· Only those people with a specific role in this procedure should be involved.
· There is an expectation that parties should first seek to directly resolve any concerns or grievances between themselves, and in consultation with the relevant Coordinator.
· Any matters of grievance concerning the activities, course tutors/leaders, volunteers or members (including the Committee of Management) of Tamar Valley U3A should be addressed with ten working days.

Initial informal approach

The following are examples of where an informal approach may be appropriate.

· The member complaining wants the complaint dealt with informally
· The allegations are of a less serious nature
· There is a chance of quickly stopping the problem before it develops
· The members involved are likely to have ongoing contact
· Unacceptable behaviour is observed even though no-one has complained
· An opportunity exists to conciliate the complaint without investigation.

If either party is not happy with the above informal resolution, or method of dealing with the issue, then the formal procedures below may be followed.

Formal Grievance Procedure

1. A formal written complaint can be made by a member directed to the Secretary, Tamar Valley U3A.
2. A Grievance Officer will be appointed – this may be a member of the Committee of Management or other designated volunteer. In the first instance the Secretary will act as Grievance Officer and can delegate responsibility to other Officers of the Committee of Management of Tamar Valley U3A.
3. A meeting will be organised between the Grievance Officer and the person(s) alleging the grievance to ascertain facts/views.
4. A meeting will then be organised between the Grievance Officer and the parties named in the grievance.
5. A meeting between all of the parties named above will follow, in an attempt to find common ground and a resolution.
6. The Grievance Officer, with reference to other parties, will make a direction as to the validity of the grievance.
7. If there is no resolution, the Grievance Officer may involve other Committee members as appropriate.
8. Where necessary, the Committee may appoint a facilitator to mediate between the parties. The appointment must be acceptable to both parties. Both parties shall bear the full costs, if any, of the mediation. The outcome of the mediation shall be binding.
9. Individual written grievance reports from the above meetings will be forwarded to the Committee of Management and treated as confidential.
10. If the grievance is of a criminal nature it will be forwarded immediately to the relevant authorities.
11. The Grievance Officer and Tamar Valley U3A will keep written records of all formal grievance processes. The record will include the details of all actions taken to resolve or attempt to resolve the grievance or concern and the outcomes of these actions.