Membership FAQs

Q. Who can join Tamar Valley U3A?

A. Persons aged 50 or older who are not working fulltime. Click Here for the latest Membership Forms and Fees

Q. Are there any other costs involved after paying the enrolment fee?

A. There is no fee for classes. From time to time, depending on the course, there may be a small charge to cover the cost of materials. Also, the Tutors are provided with a money box so that members attending classes can make a voluntary gold coin donation towards the cost of the venues providing tea and coffee etc and also electricity. The latter particularly applies during the winter months.
Members also pay for social functions (Dining out, Christmas breakup, etc).

Q. Who are the Tutors and are they paid?

A. All leaders volunteer their time – there is no payment. Leaders are U3A members or any person who is willing to share their knowledge with a class.

Q. Are the committee members paid?

A. All committee members are volunteers. There is no payment.

Q. How can I help Tamar Valley U3A?

A. Tamar Valley U3A is operated entirely by volunteers, and all members are encouraged to contribute some of their time for the benefit of all. You can participate in several ways:-as a committee member, tutoring, office help, publicity & promotion, newsletter, and much more. Just ask how you can help.

Q. Can I join any class or do I need to book a place?

A. You can join any class but you do need to book a place. Minimum and maximum number of places available are usually shown on the course programme. Booking a place on a particular course ensures you are on are included on the class list and therefore covered by our Public Liability Policy. You can have your name added to a waiting list if the class you wish to attend is full. You will be notified as soon as a vacancy becomes available.

Q. Is Tamar Valley U3A open all the year?

A. Tamar Valley U3A has 2 Semesters, and they roughly start at the beginning of Term 1 and Term 3 of the Tasmanian Government schools although some activities continue through the holidays e.g., Tai Chi, Drawing

Q. Do I need formal qualifications?

A. No.

Q. What if I am a disabled person are there special arrangements?

A    Please contact the office for access details to a particular venue.

Q. Are there any tests and examinations?

A. No. We seek to achieve a pleasant learning environment which encourages participation, enjoyment and social interaction The pressure of tests would spoil that ambience.

Q. Am I required to wear my Membership Card to all U3A activities?

A. Yes. This card not only helps to identify you, but carries vital personal information for use if you need help in an emergency, including who to contact. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE BACK OF IT, and wear it whenever you are attending any U3A activity.

Webpage last updated August 8, 2023