Short Course – Australian Literature



Don’t miss out. Enrol early to ensure you are sent the small but relevant Pre-reading

This NEW Short Course will run for 3 sessions, on a fortnightly basis, beginning Thursday April 14th 2022,  from 9.30 am till 11.15 with a coffee break. Australia has a great tradition in writing stories. Some of our most famous writers started writing for publications such as the Bulletin or newspapers, others for bush audiences through small local papers.

As we investigate Australian writers, we will compare, contrast and debate the merits of the genre, different styles, contexts and impacts as we learn something of this wonderful tradition. It won’t be a historical, chronological tour through the Oz Lit landscape, but it will look at the quirky, the unique, the famous, the infamous, the challenging and the brilliant.

A little bit of pre-reading will be provided for each session. We will use short stories, excerpts from novels and some poetry to keep reading to a minimum. The sessions will also look at some Tasmanian writers, and what influences them compared to those from the Mainland.

Hopefully there will be laughter, and perhaps some tears – we really are blessed with the prowess of our writers.


Thursday Fortnightly: 14 April, 28 April, and 12 May.  9.30 am till 11.15 am  with a coffee break.


Tresca Community Centre, Main Road, Exeter.

TUTOR: Debra Cushion  (More Info in the Short Courses Brochure)

Don’t miss out. Enrol early to ensure you are sent the small but relevant Pre-reading.

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