Botanical Art – Eucalypts 5 Week Short Course


Over 5 consecutive weeks in 2 hour sessions we shall work on a watercolour composition of a chosen Eucalypt.
We will follow the traditional methods of Botanical artists with maybe innovation in your composition.
Initial sessions we will be using previously obtained materials. As we progress there may be a need for more paints.
I have a wide range of photographs to work with but if you can gather actual samples to bring along that would be great. Keep your eyes out for flowering gums and interesting pods from now on and take photos.
A masterpiece is guaranteed!

I look forward to seeing you all again!


MATERIALS LIST February 2024 – all students in the Eucalyptus class will have their materials already as you are all prior students.

The Following materials listed  below are a guide for NEW Students in later, as yet unannounced 2024 classes, if you wish to start collecting/ordering online to save $; items are listed below as a guide. BUT, please do check with Lynda before you race out and buy everything.

MATERIALS LIST needed from 1st lesson onwards:

  • Important to always bring  an A4 Plastic sheet Folder to keep your work PLUS store the lesson handouts to refer to in future weeks.
  • Pad of A4 Cartridge Paper
  • ClipBoard or Masonite ~ A4 sized (to lean upon whilst drawing)
  • 2 cut foam wedges ( eg Pool Noodle offcuts as Lynda demo’d in class)
  • Magnifying Glass (or fully charged phone to magnify photo of your plant)
  • Pencils – Minimum suggested is a HB, 2H, B or 2B. (If want a larger range go from 6H to 3B)
  • Sharpener to get long sharp fine points
  • Rubber – Plastic and Kneadable erasers
  • Divider or Ruler
  • Gold Coins for the U3A piggy

MATERIALS LIST for Pen & Ink classes :

  • 1 x 0.5mm Black Fine liner (as a minimum)
  • Or in KMART a set of fine liners can be bought for $9
  • Or you may like to get a set or equivalent of 7 Mont Marte Graphic Fineliners or 7pc Staedtler Pigment Liners 
  • A Med/Large Bulldog Clip or a strong Peg to clip/hold your Eucalyptus Sprig against a White board for modelling purposes
  • Some way of holding your sprig for modelling – eg Cardboard insert from a Sheet Set packaging, or a small stand as per image below. We have some made up in the cupboard at Beacy House for our use. Just ask.

MATERIALS LIST for Coloured Pencils Classes :

  • Coloured Pencils that blend. Eg Polychromous .
    Or cheaper plain pencils to blend such as these shown below, but NOT Watercolour pencils.

MATERIALS LIST for  Beginning Watercolours Classes : 

    • Watercolour Paints – either Students or Artist’s (which are better quality). Minimum colours are 2 Blues (French Ultramarine/Cerulean Blue); 2 Reds (Permanent Alizarin/Cadmium Red); 2 Yellows (Cadmium Yellow/Lemon Yellow). Optional Additions are Davy’s Grey and Gouache-Permanent White. [ A travel kit of paints may suffice].
    • Watercolour Paper – Smooth, called Hot Pressed or HP, or Satinata, Satin Finish. Min weight 300gsm Eg Arches Aquarelle (smooth).
    • Watercolour Brushes – Kolinsky Sable (Winsor & Newton Series 7 Miniature is best), though not essential. Should be pointed round ones. Sizes 0,2,4,6.

Eucalyptus – Short Course
Begins on Tuesday 13th February, 2024 with 5 classes over each consecutive week.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm 


Beaconsfield House - 33 Grubb Street - Beaconsfield - 7270

Beaconsfield House – 33 Grubb Street – Beaconsfield – 7270


If you are interested in attending a course please contact the office by:

  1. Phone the U3A  Liasion Officer (0411 150 378); or
  2. Email –

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