Membership Info

Membership Fees
The annual membership fee is a non-refundable fee for membership of Tamar Valley U3A Inc.

Terms of membership
The annual membership runs for 12 months from the month of joining.

Membership Fee
$40.00 per person. This entitles you to voting rights at the AGM and unlimited enrolment in courses.

Membership ID
When you become a member you are given a membership card with your unique ID number. You will retain this number for the duration of your membership with Tamar Valley U3A.

Membership Cards
Members are provided with Member ID cards & plastic holders and are required to wear these whilst attending classes and other U3A events. Apart from making it easier for us all to get to know each other, the name tag should be back up with vital personal information that would be needed if you needed help in an emergency, including who to contact. Please make sure you fill it in, and wear the ID card whenever you are attending a U3A activity.

Replacement Membership Cards
If you lose your card etc. you can purchase a replacement for $2

Apply to become a Member
 Click here to see our New Member/Renewal Application Form, which can be printed out. (If taking the form in person, please note that the U3A office in Beaconsfield is only staffed on Mondays.)

Otherwise you can ring our office on 6383 1113 and ask for a form to be posted to you. Or you can visit the office during office opening hours (see Contact Us for current details), chat with an office volunteer and pick up a form and more information. Once your form has been processed, you will be put on the mailing list and a Membership Card will be issued. Your membership will be valid for 12 months from the month of joining.

Membership Renewal
Members are required to renew their membership every 12 months by completing a Membership Form and paying the annual subscription. Members will be notified when their membership becomes due for renewal.

Renew your Membership

To renew your membership please download the Membership Form above.

Membership Register and Your Privacy
The register of members is kept by the Membership Coordinator and Secretary. Privacy legislation ensures that members’ personal details are not given to any outside bodies or any other person, including other members without your consent.

Payment Method / Details

By cheque or Money Order (payable to Tamar Valley U3A).
TAMAR VALLEY U3A INC. ABN: 33 590 232 674
Sent by POST to
P O Box 147
Beaconsfield, Tasmania 7270
Telephone: 03 6383 1113

Cash if paid in person to the above address.

EFT: If using EFT our details are:
Bank: Heritage Isle CU,
BSB: 723 000
A/c 6739
A/c Name: Tamar Valley U3A;

Reference: Your Name


Page last updated February 14, 2019