COURSE DESCRIPTION: An Introduction to Fly Fishing on 13th February at Beaconsfield House then field trips to fishing spots.

Fly Fishing is a peaceful, challenging yet enjoyable way to spend time in nature. Anglers can cast ‘flies’ that imitate small insects that the fish love to eat. There is quite an art to making flies, although most can be bought from local Fly fishing Shops.

The First Week is instruction in the technique, then we plan to go to various spots to try our luck. Come Fishing !

Please contact Les if you are interested in coming so that numbers are known. Thank you.

Day 1 Introduction to Fly Fishing at Beaconsfield House on Thursday February 13: 10 am- 11.30 am

Then ongoing Field Trips to different Fishing Spots

Day 1 Beaconsfield House, then afterwards at various Fishing Locations.

Beaconsfield House - 33 Grubb Street - Beaconsfield - 7270
Beaconsfield House – 33 Grubb Street – Beaconsfield – 7270

Les Harrison 63 834380

If you are interested in attending a class please contact the office by 1 of 3 options:

  1. Submit an online Form to U3A
  2. Phone the U3A office (6383 1113); or
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Last Updated February 6, 2020