Talks & Demonstrations

Details of the 2021 Talks and Demonstrations are uploaded to the website as they become available, so please check the top of the Table below to see what’s been added recently. 


Date             2021 Time Subject Presenter Venue


29th October 




“Declines in the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Population in Tasmania”

Jo Lyall

Exeter Hub

(Former RSL building in Murray St, Exeter).

Fri 1

27th August


1pm – 3pm

A Month in the Arctic

“I’ve been a lover of wildlife and a nomad from a young age. In recent years, I realised a dream of going to the Antarctic and the Arctic on the same small ice-capable vessel with a Russian crew and mainly Aussie scientists.
Starting on Spitsbergen, I explored the coastline of Svalbard and was able to see calving glaciers, towering bird cliffs, arctic fox, pack ice, walruses, reindeer and even polar bears! After crossing the Greenland Sea, I follow East Greenland’s coastline (filled with the largest fjord system in the world), where I saw Inuit native communities and untouched tundra-covered valleys, before reaching my finishing point, Iceland”.

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Tracey Rodgers 

Exeter Hub.

(Former RSL building in Murray St, Exeter.)

Tues 8 June 2021

10.30 am

Short Meeting  talking about the Upcoming times and dates to be selected for July 2021 Info Sessions to help you discover your Family History 

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Beaconsfield ONline Access Centre,

Old Courthouse,  Grubb St, Beaconsfield.

Friday 28 May, 2021


Just Cats Tasmania

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Rachel Beech Exeter Hub

Friday 26 March, 2021

1pm – 3pm

Around the World

in 10 wonderful Years

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 Jim & Linda Collier Exeter Hub

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