Details of the 2022 Talks are uploaded to the website as they become available, so please check the top of the Table below to see what’s been added recently.  Some may lead into our NEW Short Courses, so that if you are interested in what you hear during the Talk you have the option to continue learning about the topic in the weeks that follow. 


Date             2022 Time Subject Presenter Venue

Thursday 18 August, 2022

1 – 3 pm

“Scams Awareness Talk”  

This one should be of interest to all of us who feel the need for a bit of an update on computer and phone security and keeping safe from scams! Please mark your diaries now! Look forward to seeing you there

See the Scams Awareness Talk Flyer for more info.

Devansh Sharma (NBN Community Ambassador) Exeter Hub

Thursday 20 October, 2022

1 – 3 pm

To Be advised….







28th April 2022



Merrilyn Hooley “Know Yourself”

In the introductory “Talk”, on Thursday 28 April at the Hub, we will learn how personality, social influences, and learning all influence our behaviour and the behaviour of others. This understanding will help participants to better understand their day-to-day experiences, why they feel and behave the way that they do, and how these things affect the behaviour of others toward them.

Click here for info about the SHORT COURSE following on from this talk starting Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Merrilyn Hooley 

Exeter Hub (Former RSL building in Murray St, Exeter).

Thursday 16 June 2022

1 -3 pm

“Preventing Dementia” and on the ISLAND research project work in Tasmania.

Island Project Speaker

Exeter Hub

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